The look for way, way less–Rodarte leggings

It seems I can’t open a fashion magazine without running into Rodarte’s uber-chic diamond cutout leggings. However, at $920.00/pair I will (for obvious reasons) never, ever know how they feel on my legs.

While the look isn’t exactly for me, I understand someone may want to try it. Stockingirl posted a link to a do-it-yourself version of the tights. Blogger Six Six Sick (pictured right) also has a guide on how to make your very own set of diamond cut leggings, but she warns that the entire process is a “massive pain in the ass.”

Now I’ve never been good with craft projects. So if you’re like me, and want a similar look but without the massive investment of time or money, you may want to try Asos’ large oval net tights. They’re not diamond cut outs, but you do get the trend of large holes and a chunky pattern. Plus, at only £5.00/pair you won’t have to feel bad about cutting the feet off to make your own leggings. Or throwing them away once the season’s over, for that matter.


  1. Janus
    28/03/09 at 13:02

    Who is going to pay $920 for a pair of leggings?

  2. Treacle
    28/03/09 at 13:03

    Bored, rich people?

  3. Stocking Vixen
    28/03/09 at 13:52

    Oh, just bless you, because I really was tempted to get out the ruler and end up in tears at my dining room table when I saw that link at Stockingirl. Now I can just order from Asos if I really HAVE to have them.

  4. Treacle
    28/03/09 at 13:53

    Yay for my laziness! ;-)

  5. Janus
    30/03/09 at 13:02

    Why ruin a pair of tights by cutting off the feet? Tights are sexier than leggings.

  6. Treacle
    30/03/09 at 17:27

    I’m inclined to agree with you, Janus, but I’m sure some of my readers feel differently and that post was for them. :-)

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