Opportunity knocks.

Puimond, the world famous corsetiere, is selling excess inventory at discount on e-bay.

Popular with both fetish divas and “laypeople” alike, Puimond corsets are outrageously expensive but also extraordinarily well-made.

If you’ve a bit of a Christmas bonus and are looking for a quality corset that will literally last a lifetime, I’d recommend giving their e-bay shop hereticangel a once over.

Mad Mimi Form


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  1. T-Rex says:

    Too bad the one in the top photo isn’t available, and isn’t in my size. It’s very pretty.

    Oh…wait…I’m not supposed to be shopping. :-)

  2. invie says:

    Puimond corsets are wonderful. I have the PY-06 in the same pattern as the black and pink floral but in a different color. I mistakenly ordered it a bit bigger than i should have though it looks fine over a skirt. I am considering the black and pink….though i truly prefer the higher hips on the PY 06.

  3. Treacle says:

    Dear Ms. T,

    For something like a Puimond, I think you can make an exception…kind of like the WKD sale. :-)

  4. Treacle says:

    Dear invie,

    I’m so envious! How does your Puimond fit?

    The PY 06 is very nice, but I confess that my favorite is the PY 09. It makes me sigh every time.

  5. invie says:

    Hello Treacle,

    The PY09 is beautiful. I really like the contoured bust. I hope to own one of his long underbusts and capes one day. The Plunge dress also looks wonderful but not very practical.

    PY06 was my first corset, which was really a blessing as it was very easy to break in. It only took me three wears to fully break it in and I found out later that others say the same about all of Puimond’s corsets. The PY06 may be especially so because the high cut hip allows for more movement. The front busk is very sturdy and the grommets are properly enclosed by two steel bones. The rest of the boning are spiral bones which is probably why the corsets are easily broken in.

    In regards to the fit, the reason my corset is too big is because I gave Puimond the measurement of my full hips (around my bum) instead of the measurement around my hip bones. I also made the mistake of rounding up for the rib measurement. However, since it is only a slight difference it doesnt really affect how it fits. I simply wear the corset completely closed which is easily accomplished since I only wanted a 2-3 inch reduction for my first corset.

    If anyone is considering ordering a corset, please make sure to measure your ribs tightly and just over your hip bones. If you have questions, Puimond is a gentleman and quite prompt with his replies.

    As for how it looks on me, all i have to say is that it is my bf’s favorite! ….Oh…and I couldnt resist bidding on the black and pink corset. I had been considering purchasing another that would fit more properly and this is a steal.

    My only other corset is from Maya Hansen although I have also ordered one from Madame Sher recently. If you would like any information on either of these in the future, I would be glad to be of service!

  6. Treacle says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Puimond! I’ve heard of Maya Hansen and Madame Sher too, and I think their corsets are gorgeous though perhaps a bit formal.

    Does the Maya Hansen fit as well as it looks?

  7. invie says:

    Hello Treacle,

    I love corsets and I’m glad you’re as interested as I am.

    Maya is as sweet as her corsets and she really took the time to make sure I got what I wanted. I originally wanted the Diva Blue corset but once I mentioned that I have a small bust, she recommended the cut for the Ivory Empress corset but made in the colors and fabric of the Diva Blue.

    The Maya Hansen corset was made to measurements I sent. My first impression of the corset is that it is really really hard to get on because it is really stiff. Maya uses 4 layers of fabric. From what i can tell all the bones are spiral steel. However, the busk itself is reinforced with flat steel boning on the flap of fabric that lays beneath the busk. This is nice since it adds more tummy control for a smooth front as you can see in her photos. However it makes the corset really stiff and harder to break in than Puimond’s. Even though I opened up the corset quite wide when I put it on for the first time, it was really hard to close the corset. It does get better as you break the corset in, but even my bf was surprised at how far i had to open the corset.

    Another detail about Maya’s corsets is that she uses ribbon to lace as well as an different lacing method that I’m not overly fond of. I would recommend switching out the ribbon for normal laces unless you’re planning on wearing it out so that you don’t ruin the ribbon and to make it easier to lace up.

    The fit of Maya’s corsets is a lot less curvy in the ribs. When the waist is nipped in tightly on me, I need the corset to curve in around my ribs, however it appears that Maya’s corset is cut quite straight and flat so it is cone-like around the ribs. In this respect I find that Maya’s corsets do not fit as well. It also means it is much harder for a beginner corset-wearer like myself to tighten my waistline as much as I’d like because I am unused to squeezing my ribs in such a manner. However as it becomes more broken in to my shape, the ribs have become less constricted. With time perhaps it will fit even better.

    In all other respects, Maya’s corsets are great. the hip line and bust line fit like a dream and thats no small feat as I’m quite small busted (think 32AA in US sizing…yes I am smaller than an A cup) The corset looks great on and you have a tiny waist.

    Size-wise it is smaller when fully closed than Puimond’s which would make it about 21.5 inches around the outside of the corset and 21 inches around the skin. I only close it up to 23 inches around the outside or 22.5 inches against my skin. My natural waist at the moment is 24 inches though it ranges from 23-25 inches depending on the time of year. As you can tell, Maya’s corset doesn’t reduce my waist much but it does reshape it so that it looks smaller from the front. Even so it is less comfortable on than Puimond’s which i wear very very comfortably completely closed at 22 inches.

    To be fair, I am wearing Maya’s corset right now as I write this and it is more comfortable than I remember with only a slight bit of pressure around my ribs. I can wear this without feeling bothered for about 5-6 hours if I’m just sitting at my computer working. This corset helps with good posture!

    Another note about Maya is that she models her own corset. The beautiful blonde woman you see on her website is actually her!

    I hope this review helped Treacle. I really want to create a blog one day and review these with pictures so everyone can understand what I am talking about. Well maybe in a few weeks I will start one.

  8. Treacle says:

    Thank you for that wonderfully detailed description, invie. You’ve certainly helped me understand some things about Maya’s corsets.

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