If you can’t wait until next Monday…

La Magia’s winter sale is already in progress.

Better hurry over before essentials like these What Katie Did power mesh knickers sell out.


  1. Pink Nylon
    29/12/08 at 16:36

    I have those knickers and absolutely love them. They’re an even better buy now that they’re on sale.

  2. Treacle
    29/12/08 at 16:37


    I just ordered a pair. Methinks I’m developing a thing for mesh pin-up panties.

    I also just ordered the Rago lacette briefs from Dollhouse Bettie. They look absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Pink Nylon
    30/12/08 at 12:28

    I am definitely loving the mesh pin up panties…

    I saw those briefs. They are very nice…I am sure you will like them.

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