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December 2008

Like an addict always searching for her next fix, I’ve found another sinfully scrumptious bit of lingerie over on e-bay. You’re looking at the Esmee panty girdle. With a Buy It Now price of 49.99 GPB (approximately $74.26 USD), it fits waist measurements 24″-28″ and hip measurements 30″-36″. *sigh* If only my hips were a teeny bit smaller… The e-bay store is LoveChild Boudoir if you want to see any […]

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So did anyone see this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show? As much as I talk about Victoria’s Secret, it’s still an event I look forward to every year mainly because it gives the designers a chance to be wildly creative. I just watched the entire show via YouTube, and I have to say I was happy to see Victoria’s Secret return to glamour. Look for my favorite lingerie set here […]

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