My internet access is once again spotty, so updates will likely be irregular and pictureless.

However, I do have a few exciting things in store for the upcoming months. Let’s go in order of least to most exciting.

First of all, for any that are interested, Agent Provocateur just released a new collection titled “Pirates.” My favorite piece is the the Deepika leather suspender hotpants here.

Second, I’m working on a long overdue piece about European lingerie with a focus on Italian and French brands.

Finally, and this is the part I’m most excited about, Stockings Addict is going to get a new blogger!

She deserves a proper introduction, so I won’t go into too much detail now, but rest assured she loves stockings and lingerie just as much (if not more so) than I do.

Having a second writer does a couple of things. One, it allows the blog to updated more frequently, which is certainly my preference. Two, it gives the blog a diversity of perspective.

While our new writer and I have lots of things in common, there are also some important places where we differ, and I hope those differences will make Stockings Addict a richer, more enjoyable, and more useful read for all of you.

As the French say, “Au Revoir” for now, and I look forward to writing again as soon as possible.

Mad Mimi Form


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  1. Pink Nylon says:

    I love the Deepika hotpants. Very sexy. Of course, what isn’t at AP.

    Congrats on the addition to your blog. I’m looking forward to reading her. If she’s anything like you there should be plenty of great stuff coming!

  2. Pink Nylon says:

    Wow. I like your choice of the Sheer Heart St. Tropez knickers.

    I should be quite a site in them, I’m sure.

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