Italian hosiery: Calzedonia

I saw Calzedonia stores on practically every street corner while I was in Italy. They’re basically a stockings superstore, and come out with new hosiery collections every season which mirror the trends on the runway (for example, this winter they have tartan tights). Just go to their website and drool.

  • Pink Nylon

    …now that I’m done being mesmerized…where can I buy these???

  • Treacle

    I have no idea. I’d never even heard of them in the States, but they’re literally everywhere in Italy. Like Intimissimi. Plus, the prices were reasonable, and they had exceptional variety (i.e. you could buy hose suitable for work and play).

  • Pink Nylon

    Ugh. I think I remember seeing the store when I was in Italy this spring too.

    What was I thinking not getting anything?!?

  • Who Moved my Birkin

    you can't buy them in the states. victoria secert won't allow them. BUT….I think I have might have found a loop hole and I will keep you all posted!!

  • laurams

    I bought some socks from this store in Florence, and I wish I had bought more. The quality is incredible… so much better than you can get in the states for the money. I have been trying to find out how to buy them online, as well.