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November 2008

A few weeks ago, I posted about the lingerie designer, Hopeless, who debuted a really amazing black and white collection on Etsy a few months ago. Well, while surfing my favorite lingerie blogs, I found out via that she’s come out with another collection, this one composed of pastel pinks and graphic blacks with deep pink accents. It has a very Art Deco feel to me. Please go to […]

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Milan. Paris. London. No doubt about it; Europe is synonymous with fashion. Everywhere I look, I see chic, stylish women, impeccably groomed in clothes that are faultlessly tailored and I feel a bit bashful for heralding from a country whose national wardrobe is a baseball cap and a track suit…preferably worn together. What’s more, this attention to luxury and detail extends beyond outerwear to the very foundations of any good […]

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