Things that annoy me…

…companies which attempt to pass off other brands as their own, “private” label.

Yes, StockinGirl, I’m talking to you.

As you know, I’ve raved about StockinGirl in the past. I just ordered a pair of stockings from them other day in fact. But I keep noticing, with increasing (and disturbing) regularity, that they are calling quite a few items their own when they simply aren’t.

For example, their printed tights, leggings, and thigh highs come from Celeste Stein Designs. What’s wrong with acknowledging the manufacturer?

A second example, much of their shapewear is made by Rago and Lady Marlene. Why imply that it’s your exclusive design when anyone with any familiarity with retro lingerie is going to know you’re lying?

A third example is how much of their regular lingerie is made by Jezebel. I was in the mall just the other week, and I recognized four of the lingerie sets they carry, all for much cheaper than StockinGirl prices.

I have no idea as to what companies make their stockings, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t StockinGirl.

I mean, really, is all that deception necessary? I shop StockinGirl because I like the selection, and because it’s cheaper to have everything shipped out of one company than out of half a dozen. There’s no reason to claim products as your own (and even go so far as repackaging them in StockinGirl wrappings) when they’re anything but.

Secrets in Lace, while you’re not as bad as StockinGirl, I have to call you out too. True, you credit the Rago line, but I see a girdle or two manufactured by the Custom Maid line and you don’t even acknowledge that.

Other popular lingerie sellers, like GirdleBound, credit the manufacturers for their products. StockinGirl and Secrets in lace should do the same. To me, it’s business ethics, plain and simple.

With that, I’m off to bed.

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Cora Harrington

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  1. Pink Nylon says:

    Wow. That is disturbing. I’ve been buying a lot from Stockingirl lately too…I’m sorry to hear this…

  2. winnie says:

    Hah! I’ve noticed the same. I actually talked to the lady running stockingirl a few years ago when she first opened before she became known and she said she designed everything herself. However i did notice that her suspender belts and girdles were from rago so i thought she meant she designed the prints on the stockings herself.

    To be honest, her service is really bad. I often got replacements without notice or failed to receive certain items at all. On the other hand she does stock FF stockings in so many colors. I’m not sure where she sources from but as far as i can tell, her non stretch nylon is as close to the quality of vintage non stretch nylon as i’ve seen. Gios and cervin use some wierd modern nylon that doesnt feel the same.

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