Thoughts on Victoria’s Secret’s Semi-Annual Sale

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Victoria's Secret Garter Panty

Victoria’s Secret Garter Panty

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard Victoria’s Secret is having their semi-annual lingerie sale right now. Now let me be perfectly honest and admit I am not a fan of Victoria’s Secret at the moment. They went wayyyy overboard with the PINK line, and alienated many women who don’t like neon letters screenprinted on their behinds.

However, in recent months, VS seems to have recognized the error of their ways, and is beginning to offer more sophisticated underpinnings for their customers outside of the high school/college demographic.

Victoria’s Secret’s brick-and-mortar stores stock things which aren’t available on the web (and vice versa), so I’d recommend checking both if you’re looking for the most extensive selection. Some items are typically available both online and in store (for example, hosiery). VS also has a couple pieces with garters on their website right now (like the retro-style garter panties pictured above). I also tried on a couple of garter skirts in one of their mall stores…but didn’t buy them.

My primary problem with Victoria Secret’s merchandise (besides that whole PINK issue, anyway) is the discrepancy between the costs of their items and the quality of their items. If I spend $30.00 on a garter belt, then by golly, I want a real garter belt and not just a bedroom accessory. While their garters do have the essential metal clips and holders (flimsy metal, but metal all the same), the fabric and construction of their items is simply subpar. I couldn’t help but think, repeatedly, that I could get a similarly styled, better constructed, more reasonably priced garter from somewhere else.

The exception is their hosiery. I can genuinely say that Victoria’s Secret has some of the best quality budget stockings you can get in the United States.

All right, enough editorializing. The sale is here.

Note: The item shown above is no longer available.



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  1. Tights Lover says:

    Spot on! One of the drawbacks to VS's meteoric rise in popluarity was how they muscled many of the other brick and mortar stores out of the industry. Then they proceeded to head down a bad path (a la Pink) and alienate customers who might not have known where else to go.

    They do seem to be making a comeback though. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I bought a lot of good stuff there 10 years or so ago, and always find myself wishing I still had all of it.

  2. Sheen V says:

    I quite agree with you on the high price vs. somewhat low quality of VS lingerie, especially the comment about the garter belts. And I also agree with your comment on their hosiery – I love them!

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