Social Media Website Audit

Sometimes your social media needs a spring-cleaning. Sometimes it needs a change of direction. Other times, you just feel stuck. You’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing, but something just isn’t working.

When you’re stuck, a social media audit is your solution.

I’ll look at your brand and come up with ten quick ways to get you out of your rut, or just get more out of your platform. None of the solutions will be difficult or time consuming, but all will be incredibly effective at helping your brand communicate better.

Social Media Website Audit:

• 10 easy solutions to your most pressing social media problems.
• Customized advice for your brand
• One session, no follow-up session.

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Take a look at what one of my current clients had to say about their Social Media Website Audit–

In the early stages of our business, us Dolls have had the pleasure of meeting with many publicists and social media experts. However, Treacle really stands apart from the crowd in her approach. She had an innate understanding of our goals, and was able to give us exceptional advice on how to streamline our approach to social media. We were thrilled to work with her, and extremely pleased with the results of her counseling.

– Courtney Newman and Erica Paul, Co-Founders, Dirty Dolls Lingerie

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