Review: Stockingirl Sheer Stretch Stockings

Stockingirl Stretch Stockings

Stockingirl Stretch Stockings

Above are the Stockingirl Stretch Sandalfoot Stockings, nylon/lycra blend, 15 denier, 4 sizes (S-XL), $16.99 (USD)/pair, available in 14 colors: black, beige, white, cappuccino, taupe, navy blue, dark gray, aqua green, turquoise, red, light pink, royal blue, violet and forest green.

I really quite like these stockings. They’re inexpensive. They’re available in a lot of colors. They’re sheer. They’re stretchy. Really, what’s not to like?

I purchased forest green and the color was not only true to the swatch on the website, but also opaque enough to actually show up on my legs. The nylon/lycra blend hugs the leg nicely, and the stockings have a simple matte finish (which makes these a good work option, in my opinion).

Do they feel luxurious? No. But then again, they’re not supposed to, nor are they at a price point where one should expect that. The Stockingirl stretch sandalfoot is a good daily wear stocking, particuarly when you want a special color to match an outfit.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Gosh i've seen you posting this all over the internet and it really disturbs me as you not only don't describe the products but also bashes the site just because some email problem! I've seen other people's positive responses but then here you are,you totally screwed my mood of purchasing stockings from them.

  2. Anonymous says: will spam you with fake "there is a list problem, but here is a sale code" spam. They didn't remove me until I told them I filed a FTC complaint (which I did). Then I started receiving spam from many other sources.

    I believe that they submitted my email address to a spam list. A shady company that you shouldn't shop from.

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