Review: Levante Fishnet Stockings

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Levante Fishnet Stockings

Levante Fishnet Stockings

Above are the Levante fishnet stockings, 85% nylon, 15% lycra, 2 sizes (S/M, T/XT), $8.95 (£4.95)/pair, only available in Black.

‘Sexy’ is a word in serious danger of overuse. Everything is sexy now, even things which would better be described as silly or even boring. Quite honestly, it makes me a bit reluctant to use the word.

But what else can you call fishnet stockings other than sexy?

Levante’s fishnet stockings are classic, inexpensive, and suitable for wear almost everywhere. They’re a medium-sized, diamond-shaped fishnet, with no added reinforcements on the toe, and a wide black welt to attach your garters. The lycra/nylon blend gives the stockings good stretch, meaning you can wear them mid-thigh, the way most people do, or just beneath the bum, which is where I prefer. In addition, the blend makes the stockings very durable.

I wore these for an entire day (with the garter belt posted in my last entry) and had no problems. They didn’t dig into my thighs, pinch my toes, or snag if I happened to brush up against something. Plus, unlike some fishnets I’ve bought which were all stretched out and practically unusable at the end of the day, these looked ready for another dozen or so wearings. The Levante fishnet stockings are not flashy stockings nor are they especially luxurious to the touch. However for a basic, daily-wear fishnet hose, I’ve yet to find something better.

You can purchase Levante Hosiery at StockingsHQ and Amazon.


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