Review: A Good Everyday Garter Belt from Stocking Store

Stocking Store 6-Strap Satin Garter Belt

Stocking Store 6-Strap Satin Garter Belt

As promised, here is my post about a really good garter belt for everyday stockings wear. I don’t have all the specs on this item, which is why I didn’t start this post the way I usually do, but I’ll relay the ones I do have as I go along.

One of the problems with typical garter belts (i.e. the ones you buy from Victoria’s Secret or the lingerie department at Macy’s) is that you’re not really supposed to wear them. That may sound contradictory. After all, these belts have straps and garters, and claim to hold up your stockings. However, those belts strictly for bedroom wear, and any attempt to wear them outside the boudoir will you leave you sorely disappointed and with your stockings dangling around your ankles.

If, like me, you enjoy wearing stockings on a regular basis in public, then a sturdy, daily wear garter belt is essential. By sturdy, daily wear, I mean at least six garter straps (to hold your stockings straight), with metal clips and metal adjustment tabs (just say no to plastic), and an adjustable, hook and eye back closure (preferably with at least two spaces). Some people find pull on garter belts to be just as effective as back closure ones, but I like the back closure better, especially because you can adjust it to your waist/hip size.

The belt shown above is non-stretch satin, with an inverted v-front, six straps with metal tabs and adjusters, and a 3 hook and eye back closure with a couple inches of elastic on the back. The metal tabs and adjusters allow for you to wear your stockings high or low on the leg, depending on personal preferences. The back closure gives enough leeway to let you wear the belt right at the waist or on the hips if you prefer a low-rise look. Personally, I like to wear my garter belts below my navel, on my hips, and I like to wear my stockings high up, so the welt comes just beneath by bottom.

The belt shown above is $28.95, offered in red, black, or white satin, and is available in sizes 26″-46″ (even numbers only). Sizes 38″-46″ cost a bit more than smaller sizes. You can purchase it from Stocking Store here.

P.S. Unless you don’t like going to the bathroom, I recommend never your panties under the garter belt as shown above. Even if you think it looks weird, I suggest wearing your knickers the over the garter belt. Trust me, it’s much easier.



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Cora Harrington

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  1. angie says:

    Excellent discussion! I’m a male who loves to wear stockings with suspender belts. I wonder if you can help guys like me. The male figure is so different and most suspender belts will slip over a man’s hips if the suspenders are tightly fastened to the stockings, as I like them to be.

  2. Katelyn Barney says:

    Howdy! I actually have a question. I am getting married! And I’m looking for garter belt that’s sexy yet durable enough to wear all day on my wedding day. Any recommendations?!? I would really really appreciate any help! Thanks!!

  3. chris says:

    Appreciate your article. Question for you–maybe advice. My wife is 4’10”, size 16, and very sexy. We have the hardest time finding corsets and garter belts, and stockings in her size. I’ve scoured the internet and not much luck. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks and keep up the great writing!

  4. MsBee says:

    What’s your opinion of Lycra as a material for garter belts? This eBay seller ( has several cute designs, but I’m not sure of the fabric choice. Also, should one own multiple garters and rotate them, as is suggested for bras, or can you wear the same one every day? How often would you replace them?

    • Cora says:

      Lycra is a fiber, not a fabric, so there aren’t any garter belts made entirely from Lycra. Rather, Lycra would be a percentage of the fiber component (like cotton or polyester or what have you) that goes into the final fabric (like satin or mesh). Most garter belts will need a flexible component somewhere, if not on the garter belt itself, then in the hook and eye area or some other place to allow for natural movement (such as the kind that come from breathing, sitting, or walking) without compromising the integrity of the main belt.

      As with any other item of clothing, including bras, you can wear the same garter belt everyday if you want. However, as with bras, you simply need to be comfortable with the idea that you’ll wear the belt out sooner and it will need replacing faster. I have garter belts that I’ve owned for years, however, I don’t wear garter belts everyday. For the answer to your last question, I’d check with a blogger who does, like The Nylon Swish. My sense is that you would replacement when the materials have worn out (the same as any other item of clothing), but she may have more nuanced advice for you.

  5. Alondra says:

    My question is….where is it supposed to sit? High(at or above your bellybutton) or low(on your hips)? Sometimes it clearly states that the garter belt is high rise, but other times all you have is the display picture to go by. I guess what I want to know is in which position is it most likely to stay up?

    • Cora says:

      Quality garter belts (such as those with a wide front panel and six straps) are meant to sit at your natural waist. We’ve got a few articles about garter belts here on TLA as well as a video on our YouTube channel. I’d give them a look if you have any more questions about getting started with garter belts.

  6. Lori says:

    I need some advice on this subject, please …I purchased a similar garter belt several months ago. It generally fits well, it fits somewhat snug but doesnt dig in when i first put it on but after 4 to 6 hours, it feels like my stockings pull it down so it’s about 1/2 – 1 inch lower than is comfortable, feels tight and digs into my skin around my upper hips just below the illiac crest… i dont believe my stockings are too short, as i can easily get them to reach my crotch. Am I missing some trick to keep it in place? Am i wearing it wrong? Im a size 4, if that makes a difference at all….

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  8. Diane says:

    I have recently been getting into wearing sexy lingerie. I think it is fast becoming an obsession of mine, actually. I am old enough to remember when pantyhose (or stockings) were part of everyday wear and you would never think of going out in a dress without hose, unless you were headed to the beach. I've always liked the feel of hosiery on my legs and,when wearing a dress, do not feel complete without it. I also wear pantyhose under pants and jeans in winter, as an added layer. I have always been mostly a pantyhose wearer, and am just starting to buy actual stockings, mostly for playing in the bedroom.

    So, I've bought a few garter belts over the past few months. I was lucky in that the first one I ordered at had metal garters and the straps are sewn in. I just checked – it's a Crown-ette, which someone else mentioned (style 7004 – go here: Not really knowing what to look for, I bought others there and elsewhere, and was disappointed by the plastic garters – one of them snapped in half while I tried to put it on as my date was headed to my place, so I had to quickly change and wear the sturdy Crown-ette, which was fine but not as lacy and pretty.

    Also, when I've bought belts that have removable garter straps, the little plastic thingies that connect them to the belt are too slippery, or something, and they easily fall out. And the cheap little buttons on the straps do not inspire confidence. I like to keep my stockings on during sex, so I want the belts to be sturdy all around! Not to mention, reliable for all day everyday wear under dresses, because I'd like to get into that more.

    I live in NYC, so am thinking of going to the garment district and finding a store where I can buy all metal garters, etc. to replace on all my plastic-adorned garter belts. Any tips on finding them and replacing them are welcome!

  9. LikeRamona says:

    I've just stumbled on & liked your FB page recently and honey, I'm sure glad I did! I used to be into all things stockings & garters before I had my two youngest children. I'm back to reclaim all my sexy glory and with your help, I know I will! Thanks much for this post, Treacle!

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is a great article. I want to transition from jeans/pants to skirts/dresses. Like Winnie, I 'am petite and short-waisted. Your article provided great information on what to look for in garter belts. Looking at the websites for garter belts it seems that they were not for everyday wear and this article hit the mark!
    The elastic on some thigh high's sometimes don't hold well.
    It sounds like the short-strap may be just what I need, practical for wearing opaque stockings and sweater thigh highs. Thank you

  11. Grace Hellcat says:

    well, I was browsing through all the reviews..
    as far as I know (and I own three of them), any Kiss Me Deadly garter belt will do! they all have metal garter tabs and, depending on the style, up to 3×3 rows of hooks on the back. veeeeeeery comfortable, you just should pick the right style in terms of coverage.
    /excuse me if you've already found the perfect garter belt – I am new to this blog :)/

  12. Anonymous says:

    About panties under the garter belts. Panties with tie sides are easy to wear and easier to, um, remove. Just have him untie the little ribbons on the sides.

    They are a little more hard to find than they used to be, (Frederick's used to have millions of them, now they have none) but, if you careful and know your buyer, you can get a good deal.

    They are a lot more comfy than they look, too.

    And about the clips, NOTHING but metal. And no cheap silicone TINY buttons with those little nibs that fold over when you try to put the top of the stocking on them. Too many descriptions on the net don't tell you WHAT the clips are made of.

    I actually bought heavy duty METAL clips and rubber buttons for garters and replaced the cheaper plastic and silicone ones on a few of my garter belts.

    What I cannot find is those OLD fashioned HARD covered buttons that used to go into the clips. I guess I'll either have to buy vintage and hope the elastic isn't dead or really spend a lot more.

    Thanks for the cool page.


  13. Treacle says:

    I'm so glad! Thank you for reading! :-)

  14. lunarcamel says:

    Are you me?! You just listed off all the same things I have to straighten people out on (no plastic clips, panties on last if you plan on taking them off at all). I just spent hours scouring the web for a garter belt (my old Crown-ette has seen better days, and it seems like I could only replace it if I wanted to wear beige or white – blech) and I found your blog when I searched, out of sheer desperation, for "black garter belt daily wear". Thanks so much. I'm going to go read all the rest of your blog and be your devoted fan.

  15. invie says:

    THey also come in waist size 24….my size…i had to check becuase i know i have always wanted these. The other good thing about these garters as opposed to others is that they are short. They are not as deep as the rago pull-on. I like to wear my belt on my waist but with deeper belts, sometimes the stockings come up so high that i need a shorter belt. (This mostly happens with stockings from manufacturers i havent tried before as i get the size recommended for my height but not my weight. I am quite underweight and small girthwise with stringy legs so stocking buying is a bit hit or miss)

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