Review: A Good Everyday Garter Belt from Stocking Store

Stocking Store 6-Strap Satin Garter Belt

Stocking Store 6-Strap Satin Garter Belt

As promised, here is my post about a really good garter belt for everyday stockings wear. I don’t have all the specs on this item, which is why I didn’t start this post the way I usually do, but I’ll relay the ones I do have as I go along.

One of the problems with typical garter belts (i.e. the ones you buy from Victoria’s Secret or the lingerie department at Macy’s) is that you’re not really supposed to wear them. That may sound contradictory. After all, these belts have straps and garters, and claim to hold up your stockings. However, those belts strictly for bedroom wear, and any attempt to wear them outside the boudoir will you leave you sorely disappointed and with your stockings dangling around your ankles.

If, like me, you enjoy wearing stockings on a regular basis in public, then a sturdy, daily wear garter belt is essential. By sturdy, daily wear, I mean at least six garter straps (to hold your stockings straight), with metal clips and metal adjustment tabs (just say no to plastic), and an adjustable, hook and eye back closure (preferably with at least two spaces). Some people find pull on garter belts to be just as effective as back closure ones, but I like the back closure better, especially because you can adjust it to your waist/hip size.

The belt shown above is non-stretch satin, with an inverted v-front, six straps with metal tabs and adjusters, and a 3 hook and eye back closure with a couple inches of elastic on the back. The metal tabs and adjusters allow for you to wear your stockings high or low on the leg, depending on personal preferences. The back closure gives enough leeway to let you wear the belt right at the waist or on the hips if you prefer a low-rise look. Personally, I like to wear my garter belts below my navel, on my hips, and I like to wear my stockings high up, so the welt comes just beneath by bottom.

The belt shown above is $28.95, offered in red, black, or white satin, and is available in sizes 26″-46″ (even numbers only). Sizes 38″-46″ cost a bit more than smaller sizes. You can purchase it from Stocking Store here.

P.S. Unless you don’t like going to the bathroom, I recommend never your panties under the garter belt as shown above. Even if you think it looks weird, I suggest wearing your knickers the over the garter belt. Trust me, it’s much easier.



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