Review: Charnos “Breast Cancer Care” Fishnet Stockings

Charnos Breast Cancer Care Fishnet Stockings

Charnos Breast Cancer Care Fishnet Stockings

Above are the Charnos ‘Breast Cancer Care’ fishnet stockings, nylon/lycra blend, 3 sizes (S-L), £7.99/pair (approximately $16.00 USD), 2.5 inch welt with pink ribbon accents and bow, available in black only.

Have I mentioned how much I love fishnets? Not do I find them wildly sexy, they go with everything, and they’re nearly impossible to tear. If I had enough skirts, I might wear fishnets everyday. Plus, buying these stockings supports a good cause. Though I’m not a big fan of the recent consumerism as activism trend, if you’re going to buy fishnets anyway, why not get a pair that helps someone?

Charnos’ special edition fishnets have a definite burlesque/French can-can girl feel to them. The pink ribbon and lacy welt manage to be both demure and decadent at the same time. Though I’m not into showing off the tops of my stockings, I felt just a little bit tempted to let sneak a peek of these when I have them on.

The actual nets are medium sized and diamond shaped with no reinforcements or smaller nets on the toe which means pinching could become a problem if worn for extended periods of time. The stockings stretched nicely and hugged the leg well, but only reached a little beyond mid-thigh on me…not quite as high as I’d like.

Unlike the description on the website, the welt did not look or feel like satin to me, merely like reinforced elastic or maybe lace. There is a little bit of sheen to the welt, but not nearly enough to convince me that it’s anything close to satin.

Another couple of notes regarding the welt…you may find that you need to affix your front garter a bit shallower than usual to avoid the bow (that is, if you wear the bow on the front) and the garters left indentations on the welt after I removed them–something which I didn’t like at all. Despite the lack of silicone bands on the welt, some may find the elastic secure and stretchy enough to wear these stockings without garters though I would suggest garters for the added security.

Overall I’d definitely recommend picking up a pair (or two, since they’re limited edition) of these. I can see them looking absolutely darling with a vintage, pin-up, or burlesque costume or even with some of your fancier, satin lingerie (especially a corset!). With the reasonable price, consider them a slightly more upscale version of the classic Levante fishnets.

Please note: this item is no longer available.



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