Posts from April, 2008

Lust!–Cervin Swing Time Stockings

Above are the Cervin ‘Swing Time’ stockings with reinforced heel and sole, 100% nylon, 15 denier, 5 sizes (S-XXL), $53.80-63.55 USD (approximately £32.99), only available in black.

In case you can’t tell, I’m in love. These stockings scream luxury. 100% nylon, fully fashioned hose complete with finishing loop, functional backseam, pyramid heel, and three diamond motifs just above the ankle…how can I not swoon?

These are the kinds of stockings that can make an outfit, taking it from ho-hum and average to vintage movie star levels of glamour. Be warned, however, this kind of indulgence doesn’t come cheap and, sadly, these hose cost too much even for this die-hard stockings addict. If you can afford these Cervins, you are a very, very lucky woman, and I am very, very jealous one. ;-)

You can purchase these stockings here, here, here, and here.

P.S. It’s my tenth post! Yay!

Review: Levante Fishnet Stockings

Above are the Levante fishnet stockings, 85% nylon, 15% lycra, 2 sizes (S/M, T/XT), $8.95 (£4.95)/pair, only available in Black.

‘Sexy’ is a word in serious danger of overuse. Everything is sexy now, even things which would better be described as trashy, silly, or even boring. Quite honestly, it makes me a bit reluctant to use the word.

But what else can you call fishnet stockings other than sexy?

Levante’s fishnet stockings are classic, inexpensive, and suitable for wear almost everywhere. They’re a medium-sized, diamond-shaped fishnet, with no added reinforcements on the toe, and a wide black welt to attach your garters. The lycra/nylon blend gives the stockings good stretch, meaning you can wear them mid-thigh, the way most people do, or just beneath the bum, which is where I prefer. In addition, the blend makes the stockings very durable.

I wore these for an entire day (with the garter belt posted in my last entry) and had no problems. They didn’t dig into my thighs, pinch my toes, or snag if I happened to brush up against something. Plus, unlike some fishnets I’ve bought which were all stretched out and practically unusable at the end of the day, these looked ready for another dozen or so wearings. The Levante fishnet stockings are not flashy stockings nor are they luxurious. However for a basic, daily-wear fishnet hose, I’ve yet to find something better.

You can purchase here and here.

Review: A Good Everyday Garter Belt

As promised, here is my post about a really good garter belt for daily stockings wear. I don’t have all the specs on this item, which is why I didn’t start this post the way I usually do, but I’ll relay the ones I do have as I go along.

One of the problems with typical garter belts (i.e. the ones you buy from Victoria’s Secret or the lingerie department at Macy’s) is that you’re not really supposed to wear them. That may sound contradictory. After all, these belts have straps and garters, and claim to hold up your stockings. However, those belts strictly for bedroom wear, and any attempt to wear them outside the boudoir will you leave you sorely disappointed and with your stockings dangling around your ankles.

If, like me, you enjoy wearing stockings on a regular basis in public, then a sturdy, daily wear garter belt is essential. By sturdy, daily wear, I mean at least six garter straps (to hold your stockings straight), with metal clips and metal adjustment tabs (just say no to plastic), and an adjustable, hook and eye back closure (preferably with at least two spaces). Some people find pull on garter belts to be just as effective as back closure ones, but I like the back closure better. Not only can you adjust it to your waist and/or hip size, but it leaves your derrière exposed, either showing your lacy underthings or bare bottom depending on your preference.

The belt shown above is non-stretch satin, with an inverted v-front, six straps with metal tabs and adjusters, and a 3 hook and eye back closure with a couple inches of elastic on the back. The metal tabs and adjusters allow for you to wear your stockings high or low on the leg, depending on personal preferences. The back closure gives enough leeway to let you wear the belt right at the waist or on the hips if you prefer a low-rise look. Personally, I like to wear my garter belts below my navel, on my hips, and I like to wear my stockings high up, so the welt comes just beneath by bottom.

The belt shown above is $28.95, offered in red, black, or white satin, and is available in sizes 26″-48″ (even numbers only). Sizes 38″-48″ cost a bit more than lower sizes. You can purchase here.

P.S. Unless you don’t like going to the bathroom, never wear your panties under the garter belt as shown above. Always wear the over the garter belt. Trust me, it’s much easier. Plus, if anything…intimate happens, you can keep the stockings and garters on sans panties.

Lust!–Kiss Me Deadly Vargas Girdle Dress

I was going to post about my favorite garter belt, but that has to wait until tomorrow. Garter belts, exciting as they are, simply pale in comparison to the work of art above.

You’re looking at the Vargas dress by UK brand Kiss Me Deadly. They first released the dress last year in a turquoise/white version, and, stunned by its popularity, decided to release an all black and an all white variation in this years collection. I pre-ordered the dress in black and they’ve just released the promo shots today.

I simply cannot wait. I’ll be making up excuses to wear it every where (oops…I originally typed everywear ;-) ).

Though I have no information on the prices for the new Vargas dress, I do know that you order it by your bra size and that it will be released in late May. You can go to the Kiss Me Deadly website here to view the dress. You can purchase the original turquoise/white dress here. Finally, you can inquire about pre-ordering the new black and/or white dress here.

I warn you, the dress is expensive…but then, quality always is.

Review: Stockingirl Aubergine RHT Stockings

Above are the Stockingirl aubergine purple stockings with reinforced heel and toe, 100% nylon, 15 denier, 4 sizes (S-XL), 18.99/pair.

Stockingirl is swiftly becoming my favorite site on the internet. They sell European style stockings to American clientele without the fuss of those pesky exchange rates. All of their stockings carry the Stockingirl brand name so you likely won’t find anything by Falke or Gerbe in their stash. However, the items they do carry are, with very rare exception, beautiful and quite well made.

In my never-ending quest to wear stockings as much as possible, I bought the pair above thinking they’d be a good all purpose color for Fall, Winter, and Spring (I’m still debating about trying to wear stockings over the summer; it gets so darn hot here), and indeed they are.

The nylon feels very good going on, and with almost no stretch, it hugs the legs very tightly. However, as the day wears on, you’ll find that non-stretch nylon tends to bag around the knees and ankles so you’ll likely have to pull your hose tighter a couple of times during the day to prevent that. Also note that because these stockings do not stretch at all, you want to make sure you buy your proper size. I’m 5’8, 145 lbs, but I have an athlete’s build so I bought the XL to be safe and I’m glad I did.

Another note…if you are darker skinned, the sheer aubergine purple will not show as vibrantly on your legs. Depending on your skin tone, you might get shades ranging from deep purple to an almost burgundy brown. The stockings also have a slight sheen; nothing extreme, but just enough to highlight the leg. The overall effect is very nice.

You will definitely need garters with these stocking. I’d recommend purchasing a sturdy metal clip, six-garter belt meant for all day wear as opposed to one of those flimsy, plastic, four-garter ones intended only for the bedroom. In a later post, I’ll be sure to write about my favorite garter belt.

You can purchase these stockings here.

Review: Lady Marlene ‘X’ Garter Slip

Above is the Lady Marlene X Half-Slip, light control, four garters, nylon/spandex blend, $31.99-40.99 (USD).

In addition to talking about stockings, I’ve realized I should talk about the things that hold them up too. I’ve recently gotten turned on to vintage style lingerie–girdles, corselettes, bullet bras, old style garter belts, etc. Not only do I believe that this style of intimate wear is classically sexy, it also helps to mold the body.

Before I continue, I should say that the comment above is not meant to imply that all women’s bodies are in need of controlling, shaping, or any synonym thereof. Some women (and men for that matter) enjoy the feeling of constriction that vintage shapewear provides, and this post is written for that audience.

If I’m not mistaken, the Lady Marlene half slip is on its way out of production so if you’re interested in owning this piece, now is the time to buy it. Sizes available are small, medium, large, and you determine the size for you by your waist size. Per usual, I’ll include links to places you can purchase this item at the end of my post.

In hand, the half slip is a bit shorter than I expected. From the pictures, I was looking for it to be about miniskirt length, however, on me, it was more like full coverage brief length, or perhaps boyshort length. So, if you’re a woman with a few curves, particularly on the hips and/or buttocks, please be aware the half slip will not come down as long on you.

The nylon slip is sheer, and the x-panel in front is opaque. If you wear your girdles and slips a little low, on the hips, as I do, the opaque panel will likely cover your private areas. The back of the slip has one seam up the back midline which make it almost look like you’re wearing a thong from behind. I particularly like the double strap detail in the garters. Though I wish there were six garters, instead of four, the style of garter does enhances the overall vintage feel of the garment and adds a little peek of skin on the thighs, which I think is sexy.

The half slip itself fit well. However this garment offers next to no shaping, so light coverage is definitely an accurate description. It’s good for you if you want a smooth line under dresses or skirts, or something with a bit more coverage than the typical garter belt, but, for actual shaping, I’m going to have to recommend a real girdle and not this item.

You can buy here, here, and here.

Nostalgia No-no? Leg Avenue Stockings Review

Above are the Leg Avenue fishnet thigh highs with woven satin ribbon, one size fits all, nylon/spandex blend, $9.00/pair (USD).

I really wanted to like these. After the last couple of posts, I feel the need to reassure myself that I’m no stocking snob; cheap hosiery really is just as good as the more expensive kind. Plus, Leg Avenue holds a special place in my heart. My very first pairs of fishnets, back seams, and “novelty” stockings all came from them. We go way back.

In theory, these are nice. I like the idea behind the design–a little bit burlesque, a little bit Victorian, a little bit striptease–not to mention the prospect of switching out the ribbon to match my outfits. It ought to work. Except it doesn’t.

One, the two silicon band welt at the top is much too tight. Unless you have very small thighs, these stockings are simply impossible. Muffin tops just beneath the buttocks are not cute. Also, circulation! Cutting it off in the name of fashion is not cool, Leg Avenue. Not cool at all. And just in case you’re wondering, I weigh less than 160 lbs., the supposed cut off weight for their one size fits all.

Two, the ribbon is more trouble than it’s worth. Though it looks nice in the picture, it’s disproportionately large for the stocking, especially so close to the wide, black welt. In addition, the threading holes for the ribbon are too big; you’d achieve much the same effect by tearing random holes in the fishnets you already have and putting a ribbon through those. Finally, it’s slippery; getting the ribbon to line up just right like in the picture is a frustrating endeavor. I tend not to like it when my stockings outsmart me.

The fishnet itself is off average quality. The nets are hexagonally shaped instead of diamond shaped, and the color for my pair was slightly off-black instead of the true, rich, deep black I prefer. However, these are fairly minor issues compared to the ones detailed above.

You can purchase them here.