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Review: Charnos Breast Cancer Stockings

Above are the Charnos ‘Breast Cancer Care’ fishnet stockings, nylon/lycra blend, 3 sizes (S-L),
£7.99/pair (approximately $16.00 USD), 2.5 inch welt with pink ribbon accents and bow, available in black only.

Have I mentioned how much I love fishnets? Not only are they insanely sexy, they go with everything, and they’re nearly impossible to tear. If I had enough skirts, I might wear fishnets everyday. Plus, buying these stockings supports a good cause. Though I’m not a big fan of the recent consumerism as activism trend, if you’re going to buy fishnets anyway, why not get a pair that helps someone?

Charnos’ special edition fishnets have a definite burlesque/French can-can girl feel to them. The pink ribbon and lacy welt manage to be both demure and decadent at the same time. Though I’m not into showing off the tops of my stockings, I felt just a little bit tempted sneak a peek of these and let others in on my slightly naughty secret.

The actual nets are medium sized and diamond shaped with no reinforcements or smaller nets on the toe which means pinching could become a problem if worn for extended periods of time. The stockings stretched nicely and hugged the leg well, but only reached a little beyond mid-thigh on me…not quite as high as I’d like.

Unlike the description on the website, the welt did not look or feel like satin to me, merely like reinforced elastic or maybe lace. There is a little bit of sheen to the welt, but not nearly enough to convince me that it’s anything close to satiny.

Another couple of notes regarding the welt…you may find that you need to affix your front garter a bit shallower than usual to avoid the bow (that is, if you wear the bow on the front) and the garters left indentations on the welt after I removed them–something which I didn’t like at all. Despite the lack of silicone bands on the welt, some may find the elastic secure and stretchy enough to wear these stockings without garters though I would recommend garters for the added security.

Overall I’d definitely recommend picking up a pair (or two, since they’re limited edition) of these. I can see them looking absolutely darling with a vintage, pin-up, or burlesque costume or even with some of your fancier, satin lingerie. With the reasonable price, consider them a slightly more upscale version of the classic Levante fishnets.

You can purchase here.

Winter Sale–Stockingirl Sweater Tights

Above are the Stockingirl cable knit tights, cotton, opaque, 4 sizes (S-XL), $16.99 USD/pair (!!!), available in ten colors: blue-violet, cherry, tangerine, teal, fuschia, denim, winter white, graphite, black, and light truffle.

I know it’s getting a bit warm for cable knit tights, but I just had to post about these, especially since they’re on crazy sale over at I swear I don’t work for that company and they don’t sponsor me in any way; they just sell so much stuff I like (especially when it’s on sale) that I can’t help but talk about it.

These tights are really quite nice, especially with knee-length and higher skirts when it gets chilly. I bought a pair of these when they were originally priced at $35.00 or so and they kept my legs very, very warm.

My chief complaint is that they’re a little snug, particularly if you have muscular legs or curvy hips and bum so you may want to go up a size. I first purchased the graphite color in size Large, however the crotch of the stockings hung somewhere around mid-thigh so when I decided to buy the cherry red color (featured on the model), I went up to Extra Large and they fit perfectly. Definitely pick these up for next winter while you can. What’s better than luxury on a budget?

Available here.

P.S. If you enter coupon code “555” (minus the quotation marks), you’ll receive an extra 10% off your purchase, including sale merchandise. Coupon expires April 30, 2008. ;-)

Bonus Post–Kiki de Montparnasse Garter Tank

Since it’s been awhile, I’m doing two posts in one day. That, and I just found something else to lust over. ;-)

Above is the Kiki de Montparnasse garter tank. Available in white or black, it is a cotton/silk ribbed blend made to fit close to the body with four attached satin garters, sizes S-XL, $195.00 (USD).

Yes, you read that right. One hundred and ninety-five dollars.

The sad thing is, if I had that kind of money to toss around willy-nilly, I think I’d buy this. A basic tank (which is what I live in during the summer) plus garters? It really is the best of both worlds.

Maybe I can get one of my sewing friends to make this for me. Hmmm…

You can purchase here.

Review: Rago Pink & Black Waist Cincher

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

My apologies for not posting in awhile. The semester is wrapping up at University and things have been hectic. I checked my profile viewing stats and saw that I’ve had 117 reads. So, if you’re reading this, thanks so much, and, if you like it, please tell your stocking-loving friends! :-)

Above is the Rago Pink Waist Cincher #721, black satin body with pink flat sewn seams, black and pink lace front, 13 front hook-and-eye closures, 4 satin, adjustable garters with pink decorative bows at the top and metal clasps, and flexible spiral boning, available in sizes S-2XL, $36-40.00/cincher or £27.95.

Despite my stockings addiction, I am not a girly girl. I don’t like lace, pastels, pink, frills, ruffles, or any kind of extraneous frou-frou. Therefore, I was surprised when I got this item in the mail and immediately fell in love with it. Trust me, it looks much classier and way sexier than it does in the photo above. The pink lace front is beautiful. Rago has a reputation for well-crafted, retro undergarments and this certainly does not disappoint.

However, I have one significant complaint. Whether it’s minor or major depends on what you wear your waist cinchers for. My primary issue is that this cincher doesn’t cinch at all. I bought a size medium, which is what I usually wear, and there’s at least an inch of extra material on the sides. I don’t feel pulled in, smoothed, or shaped at all when I’m wearing this; I only feel like I’m wearing a pretty piece of lingerie. If you want this cincher to actually cinch, I’d recommend buying one size down from your usual size. If you just want something nice to hold up your stockings, then go ahead and buy your regular size.

Available here, here and here.

Review: Stockingirl Stretch Stockings

Above are the Stockingirl stretch sandalfoot stockings, nylon/lycra blend, 15 denier, 4 sizes (S-XL), $16.99 (USD)/pair, available in 14 colors–black, nude, white, cappuccino, taupe, navy blue, dark gray, aqua green, turquoise, red, light pink, royal blue, violet and forest green.

I really quite like these stockings. They’re inexpensive. They’re available in a lot of colors. They’re sheer. They’re stretchy. Really, what’s not to like?

I purchased forest green and the color was not only true to the swatch on the website, but also opaque enough to show on my legs. The nylon/lycra blend hugs the leg nicely, and the stockings have a simple matte finish.

Do they feel luxurious? No. Then again, they’re not supposed to. The Stockingirl stretch sandalfoot is a good daily wear stocking, particuarly when you want a special color to match an outfit.

Available here.

Review: Danger Dame Garter Panty

Above is the Leopard garter panty from Danger Dame. The website doesn’t have specs, but they’re made of a velvet-like material, with a low-rise (straight across the hips on me), full coverage front and boyshort-style, cheeky cut back. Four black garters, slightly adjustable, with black plastic clips and black plastic tabs. Two black ruffles in the front and back are aligned with the garters. The panty is available in sizes S-L, fitting waist measurements 24-32, and costs $28.00 (USD)/pair.

First things first…if you need a cute undergarment for a night out, a photoshoot, or the boudoir, the panty above is a good choice. The velvet material is soft to the touch, and the panty evokes that classic, Betty Page spirit. I think it would look stunning with a pair of topless (weltless) fishnet stockings.

However, if you like sturdy support for wearing your stockings all day long, this panty is not for you. For one, the garters are only minimally adjustable. As you know, I prefer to wear my stockings high on the thigh, and I couldn’t adjust these any higher than mid-thigh which made me feel as if my stockings were about to fall any minute. In addition, wearing them so low made the welts visible when I sat down in a knee-length skirt and I dislike that kind of exposure. Furthermore, the garter tabs and adjusters are made of flimsy plastic; I honestly could not see these lasting more than a few hours without breaking off and possibly tearing your hose. Finally, the panty was cut a bit small. I have a 28″ waist and ordered a size medium, but it felt uncomfortably snug. If you have curves, you may want to consider going up a size.

In summary, these panties work just fine for what they were probably intended to do…that is, look sexy and be seen for an hour or two, but if you’re looking for a daily wear alternative to the traditional garter belt, this isn’t it.

Available here.

Lust!–Cervin Swing Time Stockings

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Above are the Cervin ‘Swing Time’ stockings with reinforced heel and sole, 100% nylon, 15 denier, 5 sizes (S-XXL), $53.80-63.55 USD (approximately £32.99), only available in black.

In case you can’t tell, I’m in love. These stockings scream luxury. 100% nylon, fully fashioned hose complete with finishing loop, functional backseam, pyramid heel, and three diamond motifs just above the ankle…how can I not swoon?

These are the kinds of stockings that can make an outfit, taking it from ho-hum and average to vintage movie star levels of glamour. Be warned, however, this kind of indulgence doesn’t come cheap and, sadly, these hose cost too much even for this die-hard stockings addict. If you can afford these Cervins, you are a very, very lucky woman, and I am very, very jealous one. ;-)

You can purchase these stockings here and here.

P.S. It’s my tenth post! Yay!

Review: Levante Fishnet Stockings

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Above are the Levante fishnet stockings, 85% nylon, 15% lycra, 2 sizes (S/M, T/XT), $8.95 (£4.95)/pair, only available in Black.

‘Sexy’ is a word in serious danger of overuse. Everything is sexy now, even things which would better be described as trashy, silly, or even boring. Quite honestly, it makes me a bit reluctant to use the word.

But what else can you call fishnet stockings other than sexy?

Levante’s fishnet stockings are classic, inexpensive, and suitable for wear almost everywhere. They’re a medium-sized, diamond-shaped fishnet, with no added reinforcements on the toe, and a wide black welt to attach your garters. The lycra/nylon blend gives the stockings good stretch, meaning you can wear them mid-thigh, the way most people do, or just beneath the bum, which is where I prefer. In addition, the blend makes the stockings very durable.

I wore these for an entire day (with the garter belt posted in my last entry) and had no problems. They didn’t dig into my thighs, pinch my toes, or snag if I happened to brush up against something. Plus, unlike some fishnets I’ve bought which were all stretched out and practically unusable at the end of the day, these looked ready for another dozen or so wearings. The Levante fishnet stockings are not flashy stockings nor are they luxurious. However for a basic, daily-wear fishnet hose, I’ve yet to find something better.

You can purchase here and here.

Review: A Good Everyday Garter Belt

As promised, here is my post about a really good garter belt for daily stockings wear. I don’t have all the specs on this item, which is why I didn’t start this post the way I usually do, but I’ll relay the ones I do have as I go along.

One of the problems with typical garter belts (i.e. the ones you buy from Victoria’s Secret or the lingerie department at Macy’s) is that you’re not really supposed to wear them. That may sound contradictory. After all, these belts have straps and garters, and claim to hold up your stockings. However, those belts strictly for bedroom wear, and any attempt to wear them outside the boudoir will you leave you sorely disappointed and with your stockings dangling around your ankles.

If, like me, you enjoy wearing stockings on a regular basis in public, then a sturdy, daily wear garter belt is essential. By sturdy, daily wear, I mean at least six garter straps (to hold your stockings straight), with metal clips and metal adjustment tabs (just say no to plastic), and an adjustable, hook and eye back closure (preferably with at least two spaces). Some people find pull on garter belts to be just as effective as back closure ones, but I like the back closure better. Not only can you adjust it to your waist and/or hip size, but it leaves your derrière exposed, either showing your lacy underthings or bare bottom depending on your preference.

The belt shown above is non-stretch satin, with an inverted v-front, six straps with metal tabs and adjusters, and a 3 hook and eye back closure with a couple inches of elastic on the back. The metal tabs and adjusters allow for you to wear your stockings high or low on the leg, depending on personal preferences. The back closure gives enough leeway to let you wear the belt right at the waist or on the hips if you prefer a low-rise look. Personally, I like to wear my garter belts below my navel, on my hips, and I like to wear my stockings high up, so the welt comes just beneath by bottom.

The belt shown above is $28.95, offered in red, black, or white satin, and is available in sizes 26″-48″ (even numbers only). Sizes 38″-48″ cost a bit more than lower sizes. You can purchase here.

P.S. Unless you don’t like going to the bathroom, never wear your panties under the garter belt as shown above. Always wear the over the garter belt. Trust me, it’s much easier. Plus, if anything…intimate happens, you can keep the stockings and garters on sans panties.