Social Media Management Package:

Social Media Is Hard Work:

It was supposed to be easy.

They told you it was free. You heard all about how you’d generate thousands of fans with the push of a button. It never happened.

Now, you’re stuck with five social media platforms that are eating up your time. Even worse, you’re not getting the results you want. You’re ready to give up.

What You Need:
Social media success is based on three things: time, testing, and expertise. Of these three, expertise is the hardest to come by. Social media success is about far more than the technical aspects of each platform. It’s about understanding your customers and distilling that understanding down to a small, simple message that people can relate to.

To get the most bang for your social media buck, you need more than a technical expert. You need someone who gets you, your company, and your customers at their core.

Here are some sample metrics straight from my own analytics. Wouldn’t you love to see your company approach new heights?

What You Get:
With this package, I become your brand. I’ll take over all of your social media platforms, and together we will develop a content strategy that will create buzz, customers, and fans of your brand.

We’ll start with a consultation about your social media needs. We’ll go over each platform and how to use it, and then we’ll get started on building some concrete goals. We’ll also develop a voice for your brand that gets people talking.

Then, we’ll work on the details, like how often I will update your platforms, or when I will escalate customer commentary to you. You’ll also receive a weekly update with relevant stats and news about your brand.

• Full management of all social media platforms.
• Voice and branding development.
• Automated escalation of important issues.
• Weekly social media update for your brand.

The Whole Package:

There are lots of social media consultants out there, but very few have built a wildly successful brand from the ground up. If it’s out there, I’ve tried it. I’ve made all the mistakes, and know all the solutions by heart. Even better, I’ve got years of experience with lingerie consumers, which means you’ll never have to wonder if I’m out of my depth. Ultimately, your customer is buying an experience rather than a product. With my help, we can make that experience an unforgettable one.

The Fine Print:

This package is sold in one-month increments. I recommend at least three months at first to get your branding on a solid footing and see your numbers soar.

To inquire about rates and reservations, please email

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