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Social Media Management Package:

Social Media Is Hard Work:

It was supposed to be easy.

They told you it was free. You heard all about how you’d generate thousands of fans with the push of a button. It never happened.

Now, you’re stuck with five social media platforms that are eating up your time. Even worse, you’re not getting the results you want. You’re ready to give up.

What You Need:
Social media success is based on three things: time, testing, and expertise. Of these three, expertise is the hardest to come by. Social media success is about far more than the technical aspects of each platform. It’s about understanding your customers and distilling that understanding down to a small, simple message that people can relate to.

To get the most bang for your social media buck, you need more than a technical expert. You need someone who gets you, your company, and your customers at their core.

Here are some sample metrics straight from my own analytics. Wouldn’t you love to see your company approach new heights?

What You Get:
With this package, I become your brand. I’ll take over all of your social media platforms, and together we will develop a content strategy that will create buzz, customers, and fans of your brand.

We’ll start with a consultation about your social media needs. We’ll go over each platform and how to use it, and then we’ll get started on building some concrete goals. We’ll also develop a voice for your brand that gets people talking.

Then, we’ll work on the details, like how often I will update your platforms, or when I will escalate customer commentary to you. You’ll also receive a weekly update with relevant stats and news about your brand.

• Full management of all social media platforms.
• Voice and branding development.
• Automated escalation of important issues.
• Weekly social media update for your brand.

The Whole Package:

There are lots of social media consultants out there, but very few have built a wildly successful brand from the ground up. If it’s out there, I’ve tried it. I’ve made all the mistakes, and know all the solutions by heart. Even better, I’ve got years of experience with lingerie consumers, which means you’ll never have to wonder if I’m out of my depth. Ultimately, your customer is buying an experience rather than a product. With my help, we can make that experience an unforgettable one.

The Fine Print:

This package is sold in one-month increments. I recommend at least three months at first to get your branding on a solid footing and see your numbers soar.

To inquire about rates and reservations, please email

Social Media Strategy:

Any marketing consultant will tell you that social media is the marketing of the future (as well as the now). However, figuring out the details of the various platforms can be frustrating. You know you need Facebook fans, but how do you get them? Can you do anything except broadcast messages with Twitter? Is this Pinterest thing a phase?

Doing social media in-house seems like an easy way out, but can be tricky in practice. Many brands leave it to the marketing people, who aren’t necessarily trained to get the most out of the various social media platforms. Some brands let interns do it, which can put a hastily designed message out front and center for all to see and comment on.

This package will help you develop a plan to get your social media marketing right 100% of the time. We’ll start with a consulting session where we take a look at the various platforms that you’re using, and come up with a coherent strategy to take advantage of them. Then, we’ll come up with some concrete goals. A month later, we’ll have another session to modify your existing goals or create new ones so you can move forward.

The Social Media Strategy Package:

• Two consulting sessions full of strategy and solutions for your brand.
• Concrete goals.
• Feedback to make sure that your social media strategy stays up to date.

To inquire about rates and reservations, please email

Take a look at what a couple of my current clients had to say about their Social Media Strategy Sessions–

Our Social Media Strategy consulting session with Treacle was fantastic! Growing up with social networks, I felt I already had a pretty good understanding of the space but the amount of specialized information and tips that I learned from Ms. Treacle is invaluable. I have tried other tutorials in the past but was disappointed when they did not fully cover the specific issues or questions that I had. Treacle tailor-made the consult to cover our needs/goals as a company. The session was extremely informative and she is a peach to work with! Thanks again, Treacle!
–Michelle Jouvence and Nichole Walla, Lucy B Lingerie

Treacle provided me fantastic Social Media Strategy that transformed the way I thought about my approach to my Facebook fan page. She offered a wealth of information, but without overwhelming me. I walked away with some great to-dos, she provided me with some resources, and I like I could easily go back for more. In fact, I can’t wait to implement her first batch of suggestions so that I can expand my Facebook reach…and then move on to the next social media platform. Treacle’s expertise — and especially her deep knowledge of the lingerie niche — left me ready to improve my business in both the short- and long-terms. I’m thrilled with her consulting services.
–Ali Cudby, Author and Bra Fit Coach, Fab Foundations

Social Media Training:

Feeling overwhelmed is the number one reason lingerie companies give up on social media. Feeling like social media isn’t effective is the second most popular reason.

The truth is that social media can be fun, easy, and something that everyone in your company can participate in. With my social media training, you can bring everyone up to speed at the same time.

Any and all of these topics can be covered in your three-hour training session:

• Using different platforms, and discussing their pros and cons.
• Best practices, tips, resources and tools
• Setting up social media systems and schedules.
• Competitive comparison and market research.
• Style, tone, personality, and engagement.
• Establishing goals and metrics of success.
• Social curation.

This training program can be experienced no matter where you’re located. I can do a Skype session, develop a personal webinar for your company, or even come talk to you and your staff in person!

Make social media a fun and useful priority rather than something to fear.

Social Media Training Package:

• One 3-hour training session, developed personally for your company by Treacle herself.

To inquire about rates and reservations, please email

Take a look at what one of my current clients had to say about her Social Media Training Package–

Treacle’s professional critique of my website, blog, and social media presence was both insightful and inspiring. She offered positive feedback and useful tools to manage my time and boost my brand’s position. Treacle shared simple strategies I can incorporate to target my messaging and build a larger audience of followers and readers. Her simple, user-friendly suggestions served to maximize my social marketing efforts and keep me focused and motivated. Treacle’s expertise has been invaluable and I look forward to consulting with her as my business continues to grow.

–Elisabeth Dale, best-selling author, lingerie expert for the New York Times, and founder of The Breast Life

Branded Storytelling Sessions:

Sometimes you just need a dose of a different perspective. Getting outside your own head is a powerful marketing tool, but to get an educated and accurate opinion you need the right consumer.

As a worldwide expert on lingerie and lingerie branding, I want to help you see your company in undiscovered ways. I don’t have a background in the industry, but I’ve spent years steeped in lingerie and lingerie marketing (with a whole lot of consuming along the way!).

Here are some things I can help you with:

• What story are you telling your customer?
• Does it align with your social media and website messages?
• Where are you unintentionally turning your clients off?
• What can you do to make your customers part of your story?
• What do consumers really think of your brand and your collections?

Each package contains two sessions,  one consulting session now and one follow-up session a month later.

Ready to get started? Click the buy now button below and you’ll be taken to Paypal to reserve your spot!

Take look at one of my current clients had to say about her Branded Storytelling Session:

Treacle provided a thought provoking questionnaire addressing facets of my brand story. These questions were incredibly helpful in that they began to shape language around what makes my brand unique. After an in-depth follow-up phone conversation with Treacle, we were able to pin-point which parts of my story really shone so that I can better convey this message to my customers. Treacle also offered constructive criticism on a few disconnects that were sabotaging my storytelling. Overall I found our conversation to be a great starting point for honing in on my message and reconsidering how I want to address my audience. 

–Laurie Shapiro, Owner/Designer, Toad Lillie

Social Media Website Audit:

Sometimes your social media needs a spring-cleaning. Sometimes it needs a change of direction. Other times, you just feel stuck. You’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing, but something just isn’t working.

When you’re stuck, a social media audit is your solution.

I’ll look at your brand and come up with ten quick ways to get you out of your rut, or just get more out of your platform. None of the solutions will be difficult or time consuming, but all will be incredibly effective at helping your brand communicate better.

Social Media Website Audit:

• 10 easy solutions to your most pressing social media problems.
• Customized advice for your brand
• One session, no follow-up session.

Ready to get started? Click the buy now button below and you’ll be taken to Paypal to reserve your spot!

Take a look at what one of my current clients had to say about their Social Media Website Audit–

In the early stages of our business, us Dolls have had the pleasure of meeting with many publicists and social media experts. However, Treacle really stands apart from the crowd in her approach. She had an innate understanding of our goals, and was able to give us exceptional advice on how to streamline our approach to social media. We were thrilled to work with her, and extremely pleased with the results of her counseling.

- Courtney Newman and Erica Paul, Co-Founders, Dirty Dolls Lingerie

Branding and Blogging Consults for the Lingerie Industry

Lingerie companies have the unique privilege of being able to tell beautiful stories that millions of women can relate to. However, not every brand takes advantage of this. To create armies of fans (and to make a social media campaign successful), you need to have a brand that tells a story at all points of contact.

These packages will help you with your branding consistency, as well as your overall brand image. Blogging is often an overlooked part of this, but is an easy way to stand out from the pack. If you’ have any questions about these offerings, please email me at

Branded Storytelling
Blogging and Content Creation

Social Media Services for the Lingerie Industry

Social media can be disheartening for lingerie companies. It’s supposed to be free and easy, but making it work well can actually be complicated and time consuming. This is a shame, because social media is one of the best ways to reach out to thousands of customers with the click of a button. Facebook alone has over 750 million active users, and lets you build ad campaigns that cost as little as 20 cents per targeted fan.

If this all seems scary to you, I’m here to help. Check out my packages below and see if one is right for you. If you’ve got any questions, you can always contact me at